Đorđević Ivan, born in 1976, Velika Plana

Đorđević Ivan, born in 1976, Velika Plana

Occupation: police officer

I started taking the Forest drops 6 months ago because after I had gone to the doctor and done a blood test I was advised by the doctor to lose some weight.

The results of analysis showed increased cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar, and ultrasound showed liver fat and the poor condition of other organs and everything due to the increased body weight.

When I started taking the drops I had 154 kilograms, blood pressure consistently elevated, headaches, palpitations, stomach gases and stomach pains caused by bacteria.

After 4 months of using the Forest drops I have regulated digestion, blood pressure, lost weight, lowered blood sugar, and fat was reduced by 50% as well. I have no more headaches and my digestion is regulated by 100%.

The best thing about this product is that in a short time I managed to lose 15 kilograms and today I have 139kg.

In the past I tried various diets without any success until I heard of the elixir Forest drops from a friend of mine and started using them. Every night before I went to bed I drank 5 ml of the elixir, and believe me, I feel much better now.

Now I feel light and healthy, I have regulated my metabolism and in the morning I wake up refreshed and full of energy to work. Since I do a very responsible, hard and stressful job, the Forest drops created a balance between the body and spirit in my organism.

I will continue using the drops because I want to continue to be healthy and reach my ideal weight. I am grateful for the Forest drops and I would like to recommend them to everyone.