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Juniper fruit

Juniperi fructus

Project Description

Juniperus communis is a shrub or small coniferous evergreen tree, very variable and often a low spreading shrub. It has needle-like leaves in whorls of three with a single white stomatal band on the inner surface and the cross section is trapezoidal in shape. The female cones are fleshy, berry-like, consisting of three scales, green, round, on a rigid stem. Mature cones are purple-black with a blue waxy coating. It grows on meadows, fields and bare land.

Used: berry cones , essential oil from cones , wood and tar .

The plant consists of:

In the fruit there is up to 2.5 % essential oil , flavonoids , proanthocyanidins , sugar.

In the tree: sesquiterpenes, diterpenes , tannins, lignins, stigmasterol .

Application: Dried juniper berry cones, alone or as part of the tea blends, are used for making hot drinks that improve the secretion of urine . It also has a beneficial effect on the infection and inflammation of the urinary tract . Juniper berry improves digestion , reduces the formation of gases and eliminates bloating . Juniper is known as a diuretic , antiseptic , irritant.

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  • Date December 14, 2013
  • Tags characteristics, composition

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