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Marigold flower

Cal. officinalios L. -Asteraceace

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It is commonly treated as an annual plant. Has an unpleasant smell. Growing to 50cm, it has an angular stem. The leaves are oblong-lanceolate, hairy on both sides, and with margins entire or occasionally waved or weakly toothed. The inflorescences are yellow, comprising a thick capitulum or flowerhead 3-5 cm diameter, with long handles each. Involucrum is in the shape of a wide bell. Petals are orange. It blooms in a period of 6 to 9 months.

It is cultivated and it is a common ornamental plant.

Use : flower.


Marigold flower contains 2-4% Saponins (kalendulozid), min. 0.4% flavonoids considered as hyperoside(regulation Eur.3 ), triterpene alcohols and other terpenoids, polyacetylene, polysaccharides, essential oil, bitter substances, carotenoids, kalendulin ( rubber).


Marigold flower ‘s complex contains a mixture of ingredients (pigments, Saponins, sterols, mucus) It is believed that the effect comes from the entire bio-complex. Neven acts bacteriostatic and antiviral, then relaxes spasm of smooth muscles of the abdominal cavity, affects the secretion of bile. It is used internally and externally. It soothes inflamed skin and mucous membranes, helps heal wounds and injuries.Reduces spasms in the digestive tract, facilitates bile secretion and reduces problems with ulcers. It is used as a tea drink, alcoholic extracts, ointments and balms .


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  • Date December 14, 2013
  • Tags characteristics, composition

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