Sandra Šubašić

Josip Šubašić, born in 1945, Croatia
My name is Sandra Šubašić and I live in Croatia. On behalf of my father and myself I would like to express my sincere thanks to the company “Forest drops” on their preparation. My father, Joseph Šubašić, who was born in 1945, was diagnosed a liver tumor with a tendency to a progressive enlargement. We tried everything, and then we heard about the elixir “Forest drops” and immediately ordered it. I am fully aware that the cure for cancer hasn’t been discovered yet, but I also believe that this elixir with its medicinal ingredients helped my father. Dad’s test results after 5 months of taking elixirs are much better. We cannot say he’s cured, but we can say that this elixir gave us some hope. I enclose the results before and after taking the elixir.
The only thing I can say is-Thank God on Forest drops!

Results before taking the drops                                       Results after taking the drops