Zvonko Milojević

Born in 1971, Jagodina, Serbia  Occupation: Ex goalkeeper

Zvonko Milojević, 43 years old.

I had my debut in the Red Star’s first team when I was 17 and with my Red Star I won the club championship in 1991. After that I went to Belgium, where I was a goalkeeper for 10 years until that fatal 15th November in 2007 when I had a serious car accident on the highway near the German city of Aachen. A lorry hit my Audi from behind and pushed me on the truck with a cargo trailer that dragged my car for another 300m, and after that I tumbled. They were trying to get me out of the smashed car for 3 hours, and my first operation took 6 full hours. I experienced a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain, fracture of the lower extremities and spine fractures. I was in a coma for 12 days and underwent surgery several times.
Today I often ask myself: What was I, what am I now? I know that I will hardly be able to run again, but for me, it would be enough to make even ten steps. I get up early, do exercise and learn to walk again. I am a born fighter, my conscience is clear, I tried.
I heard about the Forest drops from a friend who is an athlete. People told me that this is an exceptional product which facilitates the training process in a great measure. With its help body quickly regenerates, restores used energy and normalizes metabolism. Following their advice I decided to try this product. After 3 months of using it I can say that the results are beyond my expectations. I do not have muscle spasm any more, pain has decreased, mobility and circulation are much improved, my legs and arms are warmer, I am more mobile. I had a hormonal disorder now it is gone.
I am extremely thankful to my friends from the world of sport that have brought my attention to the product and the man who made it, an expert in bioenergetics, Dragan Stamenkovic. If predictions of doctors from Germany had come true, it would be better not to be alive. They told me that I won’t be able to eat normally, that I’ll just lie in bed, I will not be able to talk and that if I ever manage to sit on my own it would be a success… If they could see me now, driving my car they would tear their diplomas.

Zvonko Milojevic about the Forest drops:


Forest drops visiting Zvonko Milojevic – Spa centar Ribarska banja Serbia 09/28/2016.